About US

Pro-Tech Cleaning Guy

Welcome to Pro-Tech Cleaning Inc.

We are a full-service floor and upholstery cleaning company. We serve the greater franklin county and surrounding areas our goal is to provide the utmost level of professionalism and treat every client and their home with respect.

Pro-tech cleaning inc. is not a franchise most of the work is done is performed personally by the owner Brian Cary which is a guarantee to the clients that they will consistently receive top quality work.
We Clean all kinds of textiles including wall to wall carpet, area rugs, and upholstered furniture. We specialize in removing carpet odor and specialty spot removal. We also clean leather furniture, tile, stone and wood floors.

Our Education

Our company is certified by the IICRC in all services that we offer. Being certified means that we have received industry-recognized training to learn proper techniques. We are certified in commercial and residential carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet repair, and oriental rug cleaning. The owner Brian Cary is an IICRC certified master cleaner, the highest cleaning designation. As an IICRC certified firm, you can rest easy knowing we are properly train and abide by a strict code of ethics and carry all necessary licenses and insurances.

Procedures and Equipment

Concern for the welfare of the customer should be a cleaners top priority. He should use procedures and cleaning agents that are safe for people and pets. Cleaning Equipment has improved dramatically in the last several years which greatly improves the overall experience. Look for a company that values these improvements.

Our Procedures

We do not cut any corners when it comes to using proper cleaning agents. We use solutions that are made specifically for the type of fabric or surface being cleaned. We follow IICRC guidelines as to use of proper temperature and pH during cleaning. We absolutely refrain from using any products which could cause harm to us or anyone else. We also rinse the carpet after cleaning so as not to leave any residue behind and strictly follow all IICRC cleaning guidelines.

Our Equipment

As dar as equipment goes, we recognize that every job requires the right tools. We upgrade our equipment as necessary to be able to provide consistent service. We use top of the line truck mounted cleaning systems that are not only reliable but also dries carpet faster than any other machine available.

Firm Pricing

Many carpet cleaning companies use dishonest advertising by employing a bait and switch method by advertising an extremely low price to hook customers then switch to much higher prices once they are in the door. Any legitimate company should be able to provide you with firm pricing based on what is being cleaned.

Our Pricing

We use consistant pricing on all jobs we do not arbitrarily raise prices nor do we have hidden fees if there are any additional fees. We always let the customer know upfront. Using the price guide, customers will have a general idea of the cost of a job or can call us anytime to schedule a free estimate. Please see the service section to see whats included in each service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You should never hire a company that does not offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. A professional company should be willing to stand behind their work and offer to fix a problem free of charge.